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Thursday, 29 September 2016 09:33
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ECOINTENSE is a 100% vegetable VOC-free offset sheetfed ink series with a higher colour strength than the current values found on the market.

Because of its high performance, it is ideal for printing at low densities.

Designed to adapt to all types of presses, especially to 8-10 colours (perfecting), it also presents a great adjustment for high speed printing and to achieve excellent print quality on both sides of the sheet.

The ECOINTENSE series incorporates a new catalytic system where much faster drying is obtained and waiting times are reduced in the handling of the printed sheets.

It also shows a good slide, good gloss, excellent transfer and high rub resistance, adapting very well to all dampening solution systems.

LM (Low Migration)
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Thursday, 12 May 2016 16:18
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MA INKS developed a low migration and low adour ink series (LM) ideal for food packaging printing. We removed hazardous and toxic materials and replaced them with alternative raw materials that meet the requirements for fook packaging inks.

LM series is an ink that is perfect to use for its low adour and low migration, with a good dot sharpness and fast ink-water balance.

LM series is designed for application in sheetfed offset of small and large format, ideal for printing on high paper weight, both gloss and matt as well as coated and uncoated, adapting very well at hight speed printing.

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Friday, 04 March 2016 12:13
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An ink with high strength, excellent gloss and fast drying, which results in high-quality print work with a smaller amount of ink.


Mineral oil free fluorescent inks
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Plan de Formación 2015
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Tuesday, 12 May 2015 11:59
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Dentro del plan de formación de MARTINEZ AYALA previsto para este año 2015, la empresa ha incluido un ciclo de cursos, dirigidos e impartidos por el consultor, D. José Pomares, persona especializada en la formación de habilidades directivas y comerciales y  que goza de un reconocido prestigio tanto a nivel nacional como internacional en la consultoría empresarial.

Bajo el título “Del cumplimiento al Compromiso”, todos los departamentos de la empresa han realizado los cursos en diferentes sesiones, gozando estos de una importante aprobación e implicación por parte de los asistentes en  cada una de las sesiones que se han celebrado.

New White UV-offset inks
Written by Martínez Ayala
Friday, 10 April 2015 12:37
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The MA inks R&D Department, as per the request of many printers, has been working on the design of an OPAQUE WHITE UV-offset ink FOR PLASTIC AND METALLIC substrates.

After many hours of laboratory work and testing at different printers, we can state that we finally design the required product.

The design of two white inks with high opacity and whiteness in UV-offset printing is an important development for the sector, as per the high quality of these products. Also because they fulfill the needs of the most demanding printers.

We summarize below the characteristics of these two new products:

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