Important brands for a designer

Here are some guidelines to properly prepare the files, with their proper marks, so that the work can be printed, cut and folded correctly.

Bleeding and cutting marks. So that you know where you have to guillotine a job, we will have to place some cutting marks on our document that will indicate the site where that cut will occur.

Cutting marks can be closed when the two lines touch or open. The open corners have the advantage of not being visible in the cut format when there are small variations in the cutting of the guillotine.

By the time we define our document, we must already foresee whether or not our work will need to be bled and thus incorporate, in the definition of the document, that extra zone of bleeding, which is usually 3 mm although some reach as far as 5 mm

Both the cut marks and the bleeding can also be established when generating the PDF for printing, but previously we must have taken into account that extra size of our design.

Crease, fold or crease marks. Other brands that we usually have to indicate are the crease marks or those that indicate which form of folding the printed element has.

The crease is a slot that is made by pressing the thick papers, cardboard and cardboard to facilitate folding. It is usually done following some creasing marks that, in graphic design programs, are usually marked separately (in a direct color or in a separate layer).

Trademarks or registration guides. The registration marks are a simple way to check that the printing is indeed in register and that we have not had any problem in the superposition of the color plates.

Color bars and nuance bars. The purpose of these marks is to help the printer in adjusting the density of the ink in the printing press, by which they will allow him to be able to calibrate the color in a more correct way.

Page information that will appear that information outside the work table of the page. The page information includes the file name, the page number, the current date and time as well as the name of the color separation.

All these marks in our document will make the printing more correct with respect to our design.