7 avoidable mistakes before going to the printing press

We already have our work designed. On the screen it looks very good, but will it come out of the printing press as I imagined it in my head? A few years ago there was the figure of ‘finalist art’, now between the designer and the printing press we have to replace that job. Today we are going to give you some tips to avoid the typical 7 errors before going to the press with our work.

Orthography. One out of every 10 jobs a printing press receives has spelling errors.
Bleeding. Even if we put it in second place it is the number 1 mistake of the files in the prepress. Blood is applied to all the elements that reach the edge (between 3 and 5 mm), since a guillotine will pass through there later.
Corresponding color space. CMYK images and Pantone colors must be well defined. If we are going to print in flat offset why do we put a profile (US webcoated) that is for rotary printing? You have to check how our color program manages the layout.
Draw the fonts. If I do not, there are possible later problems. There is the possibility of doing checks in the PDF to see if they are embedded.
Assess the sizes and proportions. If you can not do it on the screen better print a model. If there are bends, it is almost mandatory, unless we have it under control.
Orientation of the pages. It looks like a drawer, but you have to indicate it. Sometimes we model documents, but the result on paper we do not want it to be such.
Dies, stamping, serigraphs … In short: the extra finishes. If we do not know how to go, it is easier to ask. A good schedule in time, will save you many hours of work in prepress.
These are the typical mistakes.
Do not fall into them and before going to the printing press, review your project.

SOURCE: www.graffica.info