Antalis Peru: “The packaging and the graphic industry have for a while”

The graphic industry is changing along with new technologies. For this reason, companies in the sector begin to diversify, change their perspectives or turn to other areas to meet the demands of the future.

Kory Galindo Durand, Marketing Coordinator of Antalis Peru, gives us an insight into the trends in vogue and what the graphic industry must take into account to be together with the demands of the market.

Antalis is a company with more than forty years of experience in the industrial graphic sector. With its world headquarters in France, it is the only company in the country that covers almost all areas of the graphic industry.

“We always seek to innovate in the market in everything related to graphic communication”, highlights Galindo.

Sensory tendency
The representative of Antalis Peru believes that the market trend is in the digital area and packaging, since people value much more the visual theme, feel textures, see striking colors, appreciate images and illustrations that complement the product. All these factors provide a huge added value to the purchase.

“We see that there is a strong tendency towards the visual; For example, the layout of the unboxing where influencers pack the product along with all its accessories and we see that the most outstanding is the box. The presentation makes unboxing so popular on social networks, “he says.

However, Kory Galindo believes that offset and printed paper still have an irreplaceable place in people’s lives: “The last study we have read about offset printing is that 72% of people worldwide still buy books in physics “.

Before venturing to make a strong investment is essential to do a good investigation of how much is going to produce to know what type of machine is best suited to the type of business that we are going to address.

“First, it is very important that the person make a market study of what they really want and where they are going. In addition, it is better to be formal because, in this way, doors and opportunities are opened, such as belonging to associations that offer great advantages, “says Galindo Durand.