Color Finder, the free Pantone tool for visual creatives

Now Pantone has a tool that will make life more comfortable to the visual creative. This is Color Finder, a free tool that facilitates the search of samples and equivalent color values.

Surely even the most expert designer in color and with great visual acuity on more than one occasion would not hurt to have a tool to help you identify and locate a particular color tone. To facilitate this search and identification task, Pantone has updated its own color tool, Color Finder.

Through the control system of this tool, the user can search and choose colors in an intuitive way without having to choose one of the colors from a selection of gradients of the same color.

These parameters include Pantone Matching Systems for graphics, interiors, skin tones, among others. Colors can also be reduced by groups of tones. Thanks to the search bar and the conversion fields, users can also find colors by name, sRGB, HEX and CMYK. Once the user has decided on a color, he can click on the sample to see its exact RGB, HEX and CMYK values.

With a wide range of search options now grouped in one place, Color Finder promises to save creative time.