Colorimetry: meet the demands for quality in color matching

The CEP organizes an intensive course directed to know the technical principles on which the colorimetry is based to approach the control of quality and reproducibility demanded by the client.

The next month of February, by videoconference, the Spanish Center of Plastics will try to solve all the doubts that the technicians can sustain with respect to the demands of quality in equalization of color, quality control and reproducibility of the same that the client demands. The course is aimed at those technicians who wish to start in colorimetry, or who are already applying it but who need to know more in depth the technical principles on which it is based, which will allow them to improve the performance of their measurement equipment and draw better conclusions from the readings of them.

Fundamentals of color measurement: Generalities. Illumination. Illuminators normalized. Specters and their interpretation. The eye.
Measurement and specification of the color. Tristimulus values. Chromatic coordinates. CIELAB coordinates, …
Color differences Formulas of color differences. Metameric index.
Measuring devices.
Identification and specification of targets.
Duplication of color.
Practical exercises of color duplication and quality control.
The course is a bonus for companies through the State Foundation for Training in Employment and also has discounts for self-employed, unemployed and companies that make three or more enrollments in the same course.

Dates: February 5, 7, 12 and 19, 2019

Hours: from 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Duration: 8 hours
Modality: by videoconference
Price: Associated with the CEP: € 255 / Not associated with the CEP: € 340 (VAT not included)
Includes: teaching material, attendance certificate, webcam and headphones
Those interested can register at