How can printing connect brands with their customers?

Marketing messages bombard us constantly and for marketing professionals it is no longer about reaching customers (technology allows them to do so easily), but about making sure that the client chooses to listen to you and not another. You get your time and the time is precious.

The rise of digital media was supposed to mean the end of printing. However, this has not been the case: the packaging industry is booming, the label industry is thriving and printing is regaining a central position in the marketing media. This is because printing connects the customer with the brand in a way that no other medium can. And this has a huge value.

Printing is more than colors and graphics. It goes beyond the format and the number of pages. In the past, brands mainly thought of two dimensions: visual and sound. However, we are currently continuously exposed to visual and advertising messages, this is no longer enough. To survive, brands need to attract our senses. Brands that want to involve their clients must master the science of touch.

A carefully thought-out piece of print marketing, where content, printing and finishing have been considered from the start, offers an extremely powerful unique sensory experience. It provides the ability to activate the senses and provoke emotions in the reader. The skin is our largest organ. Babies discover the world through touch. Brands must take advantage of the power of touch through printing. The marketing departments of companies should take advantage of this opportunity to reach the client in a sensory way.

The designers do a great visual job with the marketing elements.

But printing should not be considered as the final process. Designers must stop thinking about printing as a support for ideas and work with printers to translate the promise of a brand into a tactile experience for customers. Print allows a company to strategically place its brand in the right place at the right time, in front of the right audience, at home or at work and create a deeper connection with its reader.

Currently, successful marketing campaigns incorporate printing into their marketing strategy. You have to think about what you want to achieve and work backwards to identify how to harness the power of touch in printed form to improve the brand.