The Liderpack 2018 Packaging and PLV Awards have been convened

The call for the Liderpack 2018 Awards organized by Graphispack Association and the Hispack exhibition at Fira de Barcelona is now open. Each year, these awards recognize the most innovative packaging and packaging manufactured in Spain, as well as the best Advertising on the Place of Sale (PLV) solutions that decide purchasing decisions in the retail. The deadline for registration of works ends on September 14.

Since 1995, the Liderpack Awards are the most accredited awards that are granted in Spain in their specialty. Manufacturers, designers, advertising and branding agencies, or brands that have created or implemented packaging, packaging, labels, dosing systems or packaging processes for products aimed at the final consumer or industrial sectors, as well as items of POS can participate. University students, design schools or vocational training centers can also attend in the category of ‘Young Design’.

In the packaging section there are 12 categories: drinks; foods; pharmacy and parapharmacy; electronics, image and sound; Health & Beauty; premium pack (medium and high range); home’s products; logistics and distribution; miscelánea (rest of sectors); innovation in packaging process or machinery; and ‘Save Food’ (containers that avoid food waste). For its part, in the area of ​​the PLV, 8 categories are established: beverages, food, pharmacy and parapharmacy; electronics, image and sound; Health & Beauty; product for the home; and miscellaneous

Likewise, the jury – formed by experts and professionals from advertising, marketing, design and industry – awards the ‘Best in Show’ award (the best of the contest) to the three most outstanding achievements of the packaging contest, PLV and Young Design. A Special Liderpack Sustainability Award in Packaging is also awarded to work that excels in ecodesign, use of materials and processes that respect the environment. It is also the jury’s power to choose among the winners in the packaging categories, the works that will represent Spain in the WorldStars for Packaging world competition, organized every year by the World Packaging Organization (WPO).

The works to contest must have manufactured in Spain in 2017 and first semester of 2018. The inscription of works can realize on-line through the web of the Liderpack Once this procedure has been completed, the projects must be physically presented between September 12 and 14 at the Fira de Barcelona general store.

In the last edition of the Liderpack a total of 142 products attended and 29 accolades were awarded (22 in the packaging specialty, 5 in the POS section and 2 in “Young Design”). The Spanish packaging also obtained good results in the WorldStars world contest with nine works awarded during this 2018, of the eleven Líderpack presented.

The winners of a Líderpack are an example of the innovation that drives the packaging industry and PLV and highlight aspects such as the use of materials and sustainable processes, cost savings, functionality and optimization of the user experience, design and the power of the graphic image, as well as the improvements introduced in the logistics chain and distribution.