Coronavirus disease 2019 – Statement of Martinez Ayala S.A. to all clients









Coronavirus disease 2019 – Statement of Martinez Ayala S.A. (MA Inks) to all clients


Dear client,


In the current context of the virus COVID-19 outbreak and according to the recent events occurred, MA INKS informs to all our clients that:


1. The priority for MA Inks is the welfare of our employees, clients, suppliers, families and the whole society, as well as to take the appropriate measures in our power to guarantee the continuity of supply to our clients.


2. MA INKS is reporting and applying in all our premises and with all our employees and visitors the health and safety recommendations provided by the WHO (World Health Organization), National and Regional authorities to minimise the risk of transmission of the disease. These measures comprise:


– The reinforcement of the hygienic measures for internal and external personnel, during their stay and execution of their activities in the premises of MA Inks.
– To limit the trips from and to the areas of risk.
– To facilitate working from home, whenever possible.
– The preparation of internal protocols that will be implemented in the event any of our employees is at risk and/or infected.


3. MA Inks has established a protocol of appliance at the entrance of merchandise and supply to our clients.




Up to now, the operations of MA Inks have not experienced any adverse impact that affects to our supply and provision to our clients. The logistics team of MA Inks is controlling and managing the supply of raw materials and distribution of our products in a comprehensive way to mitigate the risk of lack of supply. This includes:
– The increase of the stock levels of raw materials.
– The coordination and increase of stock in our production plant.
We will keep you informed about any update through our usual channels.



Yours sincerely,