C! Print Madrid closes its fifth edition with almost 13,000 visitors

C! Print Madrid, the meeting of the visual communication and printing sector, closed its doors with 12,934 visitors, 8.7% more than in the 2017 edition, 250 exhibitors -89 new in 2018-, and more than 200 conferences , workshops and workshops. “C! Print has become the annual appointment for all professionals in the field of printing and visual communication in Spain and Portugal: from the large-format printer to the serigrapher, through offset printers or copiers. Year after year, we also see more and more prescribers and communication and design agencies, who have understood what digital technologies can bring them to innovate and propose services with added value “, explains the organization.

During the fair hundreds of attendees participated in the more than 40 conferences, workshops, workshops and meetings with different leaders of the sector and the big brands that participated in the meeting. Undoubtedly, a great welcome that materialized in more than 1,800 orders of personalization online that were made live in the workshops of personalization of the Plug & Play space.

With the collaboration of Photo Center 3D, personalization software partner, an online store was set up that made it easier for the visitor to place an online order for the personalization of the object or textile of preference and to see his creation live in the workshop of the Plug & Play of the room.

With the participation of all the main manufacturers of machinery in large format, supports, software, finishing and cutting, engraving and 3D printing, etc. the organization, in contact with the support partners (Makito, JHK, Roly and Paul Stricker) and the marking partners (Roland DG, Epson, Ghost, Mimaki, Hatapress, Inkemi, Mitsubishi, Tajima, Trotec, Sefa, Chemica, Hexis , Chromaluxe and Polyprint) selected a variety of products that allowed to demonstrate to C! Print visitors the greatest number of personalization techniques and what they are capable of offering.

Aurelié Lamande, Marketing Director of C! Print, says: “Our meeting has become today a reference event in Spain. This year we counted with the participation of more than 250 exhibitors and more than 50 new brands among them, sponsors of the likes of Epson, HP, Roland, Agfa, Digidelta, Endutex, Hexis and Talawin “.

As the main novelty of this edition the organizers presented a new space, C! Sign, focused on the solutions of luminous visual communication: signage, corporeal letters and digital media in which attendees could see first-hand the leading experts in the market and Discover the challenges of luminous communication. In C! Print it was possible to confirm the increase of interest in this sector.

The hall has had the presence of experts in each sector such as the Retail Design Institute, Designers Council of Spain, VSA, La Cocina Gráfica, Salesianos Atocha, Fepfi, Neobis, Selected’18, Fespa Spain, Aserluz, Aevea and many plus. In addition, the well-known youtuber Juan Blanco of the Grafiklandia channel has interacted with visitors and exhibitors in a particular way, giving a touch of fun to the fair.

As in the last edition of the show, during C! Print the winners of the second edition of the APE 2018 prizes, organized by the digital magazine AP, partners of the show since the first edition, in recognition of the management and initiative, were announced. business of digital printing service providers and innovative applications.

“In its fifth edition, C! Print has become much more than a fair, nowadays it is a community of dynamic and loyal actors who embody the future of all businesses, whether they are outdoor advertising, large format printing, retail, printed decoration, textile printing or personalization of all kinds of objects, “the organizers say. “With all these data, without a doubt, C! Print 2018 has been the year of strengthening this great gathering of professionals from the world of visual communication and printing in Spain.” The organization is already working on the next event, which will be held on September 24, 25 and 26, 2019.

Source: interempresas.net