Design a package is to think about its use

On some specific characteristics that identify the packaging made in Peru, Milagros Bouroncle, a Toulouse Lautrec (TLS) teacher at the undergraduate course in Management and Graphic Design, and a graduate in the Packaging Design and Management career, held that in general the designs of these products “are well alienated”.

“We copy what is done in other countries and in the local market there are few containers, packaging and labels with Peruvian identity. The clients ask the designers to copy other works that do not necessarily adapt to our reality or local industry, “he said.

Lack of greater normativity
According to the graphic designer, there is no good packaging design culture in the country “because designing a package is thinking about its use, its function, its life cycle, the trial period, among other factors”.

In relation to the standards that ensure the quality of packaging and labels, the interviewee said that – unlike other Latin American countries – in Peru there is still a lack of regulations for packaging designs, which will help to formalize of the market, especially in the segment of small and medium enterprises.

He also highlighted the initiatives of some large companies that have considered standardizing their packaging and packaging. “Unfortunately, there are few such cases. The real thing is the informality in the packaging and its presentations, which do not add value to the products they contain, “he stressed.

Sustainable packaging
On the other hand, Milagros Bouroncle said there is much to be done and that we must investigate more in this area, as we have raw materials such as turmeric, cochineal, among other species, to produce inks of organic and sustainable origin for graphic prints . “In this way, the care of the environment is promoted, social responsibility as an added value for the company that generates it and greater visibility,” he said.

“In addition, the graphic designer should think about developing sustainable packaging. For that reason, I tell my students to think under that challenge because finally they will change the industry becoming aware of what they can do “, concluded the specialist.