The semaphore of nutritional quality, the novelty in food packaging in Spain

Following the example of France and fighting against obesity, the Minister of Health, Maria Luisa Carcedo, announced that in Spain is going to establish nutritional labeling – the traffic light of five colors, from green to red – in food packaging and drinks, which will have to represent with colors its content in sugars, salts, saturated fats, calories, fiber and proteins. In this way, the greens will identify the healthiest products and the red ones, obviously, those of lower nutritional quality.

The implementation of a logo – known as Nutri-Score – in food and beverages is essential to provide the citizen with accurate information on the nutritional quality of the product and bring consumers the most healthy food.
This front label is preparing to be seen in supermarkets shortly. Although the companies are already beginning to adopt it voluntarily, the measure will be mandatory within a year – the period in which the royal decree will be approved.

In this way, the Nutri-Score logo becomes the integral part of any food packaging design. This, in turn, will create a multitude of opportunities to play and experiment creatively with this new colorful ‘challenge’ of packaging design.

In addition, the Minister of Health emphasized that there is clear evidence that advertising influences the preferences and purchasing decisions of children and adolescents regarding food and beverages. As they are more vulnerable and are more exposed to risks of obesity and overweight, the Ministry wants to limit advertising aimed at children under 15, following the criteria of the European Parliament and the World Health Organization.