Esko buys the American Blue Software

Esko, a global provider of software and hardware for design, collaboration, automation, workflow and packaging production, has announced the acquisition of Blue Software, a label and graphic material management software company based in Chicago (USA). .), Of Diversis Capital and Schawk Digital Solutions. This acquisition joins two complementary teams to unlock the development of product packaging, management and execution efficiencies for brand owners in consumer packaged products, life sciences and retail industries and for a variety of suppliers in the chain of packaging value.

“We are constantly seeking to reduce the time to market launch, cost and quality risk in the entire packaging value chain.” The acquisition of BLUE enhances Esko’s unique set of tools to enable brand owners and their partners to improve all three, “explained Udo Panenka, President of Esko. “Our software and hardware solutions digitize, automate and connect packaging development and production workflow, from virtualized 3D design concepts to printed packages, finishes, store presentations and e-commerce content and images. We strive to improve the overall efficiency of this critical business process for brand owners and developers of the packaging value chain, and with this acquisition, we are improving Esko’s position as a technological innovator in the packaging industry. ”

Combining the BLUE label and graphic management software with the Esko platform for brands, Esko’s investment in industries where product packaging is of vital importance is deepened. Leveraging talent and technology in both organizations allows Esko and BLUE to offer faster advanced functionality. With more local partners around the world, the combined team can offer a higher level of service to regional and multinational clients.

“In today’s environment limited by electronic commerce, where consumers are constantly looking for something new and original, illustrations and labeling of packaging continue to be an obstacle in the new process of product development and commercialization. users to collaborate faster and more accurately so that they can launch new products more often at lower costs. “BLUE and Esko truly join at a time of transformation for the packaging industry,” added Ali Moosani, President of BLUE .

As part of Esko, BLUE joins the Danaher Product Identification company platform, which also includes Pantone, MediaBeacon, X-Rite, AVT, Videojet, FOBA, Linx and Laetus.