Fiori Santa María: “The packaging must impact”

Before creating a package for a product it is necessary to determine the specific value proposition that it wants to present to consumers and, in turn, it has to analyze the competition of this product in the market, in this way, the roads will be decided correct graphics.

This was said by Fiori Santa María, creative director of Staff Creativa, who added that “in general, in Peru there is a lot of talent” to make packaging. “Currently, the market is global and competition is global. If a product is Peruvian, its local characteristics can be highlighted through packaging. It will also be possible to compete internationally, “he said.

On the preparation of packaging designers in the country, Santa Maria said that “they are not very specialized and they need to improve enough the issues of structures, materials, generation of mechanical drawings, among other aspects.”

He also pointed out that there are also limitations of knowledge in the suppliers of generation of packaging, however, he acknowledged that these conditions can be constituted “in development opportunities”.

Graphic, visual and informative solution
What characteristics should a good packaging design present? Fiori Santa María said: “The packaging is a silent seller, and must impact and compete strongly in a gondola. In addition, it is very important that the packaging has an appropriate hierarchy and relevance of the information in each of its physical parts, “he said.

He highlighted, in conversation with Packaging Peru News, the importance of the images and their sizes in the packaging, as well as the brand identity that sells the experience of the products outside the sales points.

“The better exposure the product has at the point of sale, the better. If the product is more isolated at the point of sale, then the visual tour of the consumer will be cleaner, “added the interviewee after noting that” packaging has to provide a graphic, visual and informative solution of the user’s needs; and respond to their requirements and not necessarily to the wishes of the executives of the companies. ”

He added, finally, that the trends in the development of packaging are directed towards minimalism in design, clean typography, recycling, its elaboration with organic materials, which is reusable and socially responsible with the community.