Color management for optimal graphic production

Saúl Arana, the technical support of GMG Latin America, exposed in Grafinca 2018 on the importance and the difficulty that the color has in the packaging of a product for sale, because this has a meaning that will intensify the connection with its consumers and will pass to be remembered from generation to generation.

He also indicated that the brands are concerned about using the psychology of color in their favor, since they need to attract their target audience and, finally, build loyalty. So the packaging design with defined colors is generated to create an identity and a preference. Therefore, he recommended using software to manage color management and so graphic companies will have the advantage of using them properly.

“The grandmother bought milk Gloria, the mother buys this same product and I am sure that her children and grandchildren will be given the milk of this brand. And the color stays engraved on their heads. It is psychological lasts a long time. The color has a very important effect on the consumer, “he said.

The relationship with a product
In addition, Saul Arana said that color is a plus for the brand to be recognized among its competitors. Also, another important factor is that it gives the consumer confidence to buy a product of their choice, since there is a lot of suspicion if this presents a visual problem in its packaging.

“If you see a jar of milk with the color that you are not used to, then the first thing you are going to say is that it is bamba or that it is defeated. If your favorite drink does not reach the exact tone you will think that they changed the flavor, that it is another presentation or, suddenly, that it is a chemical that you have thrown into your product. It has a very important effect on your psychology. Therefore, color accuracy is very important, “he said.

Visual impact
Colors evoke emotions, feelings and qualities, so determining what color to use for a package is important. In addition, building an attractive package can attract the attention of the consumer, since they make us perceive order and disorder, originality and individuality to maintain their interest in buying the product.

On that, Arana said: “99% of what you see in the market are packaging, which seek to communicate and position.”

The choice of color is the decision of each entrepreneur, because they are what determine what concept to create or what message to take to consumers. The information varies according to the color.

In this regard, GMG Latin America’s support technician reported: “Color management consists in transforming the files, according to the needs. For example, if you are going to make a web page, the CMYK will serve you and, if you make catalogs, it will also serve you. But if you make a packaging, the CMYK falls short. That’s why CMYK and some special colors are used. ”

Finally, he specified that the presentation influences the purchase decision, since it is essential that the external and internal part of the product be taken into account before exhibiting it in the market, since this is how it will be presented to the public.