Hosh: “Button advertising sells more and is more profitable”

New trends are being offered in the market to obtain better results, since it seeks to generate an impact on people without incurring high costs. Therefore, one of the effective advertising pieces are the buttons, since they communicate and promote the product, without the employer spending more.

Peru Gráfico News spoke with José Trujillo, managing director of Hosh, a company that sells advertising items.

The executive explained the varieties of products that can be made with the keypad machine, as there are teams that offer two, three or even nine buttons with diversity in size.

“With our machine, you can make up to nine models of custom buttons in different sizes and thicknesses. The difference we offer to our competition is that we sell the service, the product, the inputs and the experience we have in the market, because we know what we offer. “, He noted.

Effective method
Although it is a traditional tool, the advertising buttons are very good to position themselves in the mind of the consumer, since, if the design identifies the brand, it can have the expected success. Also, this type of advertising can be personalized and made in the way you want. This is how they also become a letter of introduction to their customers.

“Technologies and new opportunities are increasing every day. Then, our business is competitive and offers what at first glance is not observed. The keypads are our main focus because they cover the needs of our customers, “said José Trujillo.

Importance of satisfying the customer
Many times, low prices mean giving up quality. This does not happen with the advertising buttons, because the inputs are cheap and the service can be excellent. Anyway, if you have the right capacity to achieve a response to opponents, you can get the attention of many.

About Hosh, its managing director commented: “We managed to meet the needs of the customers and satisfy them. We have a commercial presence throughout Peru. In addition, we have already arrived in Bolivia, Ecuador and Chile. Soon we will open a branch in Guayaquil [Ecuador]. ”

Business strategies
Likewise, Trujillo pointed out that its represented offers a quality service. “We have the necessary inputs to make the buttons and everything that is required. Additionally, we teach our clients so they can develop themselves in the graphic sector, “he said.

With 14 years of commercial operations, Hosh identifies itself in the local market as an expert company in the handling and sales of botoneras machines.

“We started by preparing buttons for other people and doing the service to third parties. Then, we send to prepare the machines when we started to participate in fairs. And, then, the demands began. Until we make our own products, “he said.

Finally, the businessman stressed: “The team to make advertising buttons costs 850 soles. The price is very affordable”.

Source: perugrafico.com