Invest your advertising in physical media

The newspaper preserves the magic of physical experience through designs, colors, textures, smells and multiple memories.

In addition, there is the certainty that it will never fail when it is needed: there will be no dead batteries, incompatibility between formats and files, nor the obligation to buy a new device when the old one does not give more than itself.

Reading a newspaper can be enjoyed from anywhere, no specific device is needed to read it.

As reflected in the surveys, those who enjoy the traditional newspaper are those who like to read more editorials, opinion columns and in-depth topics, that is, those people who focus more on aspects of content and analysis.

Some investigations
In a study conducted by Naomi Baron, an expert in linguistics at the American University, based in Washington DC (United States), where she gathered data from 429 university students from the United States, Japan, Germany, India and the Scandinavian countries; When they were asked which of the two supports (printed or electronic book) they concentrated best, 92% of the students answered that with the printed texts. Many also noted that, when reading on paper, they understand more and are less distracted.

In 2013, a paper by scientists from the United States and South Korea concluded that print readers remember “significantly more” than those of online articles. And this is also related to concentration. The researchers gave a group of students copies of a paper newspaper, and another group told them to read the newspaper’s website. The first group remembered the news more and better.

Also an article by Ferris Jabr, published in the scientific journal Scientific American, states that “the brain prefers paper”. One of its main sources is the work of Maryanne Wolf, neuroscientist at Tufts University, United States, and author of the book “Proust and the Squaid: The Story and Science of the Reading Brain” (“Proust and the squid: the story and the science of the reading brain “).

For these reasons, among others, we launched Peru Gráfico al Día, a specialized newspaper of the sector that, in its first edition, the notes, interviews and published reports were pleasantly received.

In this regard, we trust that each edition will strengthen the readership of this new means of communication.

In general, free press advertising is a good way to advertise as it encourages the reuse of a single copy and, moreover, it is easier to target the target audience depending on the place of delivery. Do not forget that the more readers read the same newspaper, the greater the advertising impact with the same cost.