Kodak rewards the environmental work of the printing presses

Kodak has failed the Sonora Plate Green Leaf Award, which recognizes printers from all over the world whose products, services and operations exemplify solid initiatives that reduce environmental impact. The program, which is in its fourth year and continues to expand, has awarded 14 companies in this edition, doubling the number of winners of last year.

The winners of the 2017 Sonora Plate Green Leaf Award are: Alcom Printing (USA), Mitchell Press Ltd. (Canada), Druckerei Lokay (Germany), School Lane Color Press (United Kingdom), Litotec (Ecuador), Cartocor S.A. (Argentina), Southern Color Print (New Zealand), Color King (South Africa), Zühal Ofset (Turkey), Ascon CO., LTD. (Japan), Hongbo Co., Ltd. (China), Golden Cup Printing Co., Ltd. (China), Changsung P & T Co., Ltd. (Korea) and Vivar Printing Sdn Bhd (Malaysia).

All these printers use plates without Kodak Sonora processing, which puts them at the forefront of their respective markets thanks to the implementation of a technology that reduces their environmental footprints. In addition, the companies received the award for carrying out a series of additional measures for energy efficiency and resource management, ranging from waste management to advanced training and compliance programs. Many of them also received praise for contributing to the support of sustainability programs in their countries and communities.

Source: interempresas.net