3D printing, an ally for large format advertising printing

For his latest campaign, Emporio Armani has designed a billboard using 3D printing techniques to give life and personality to what should have been a classic format.

Seeing emerging elements in our poster campaigns is something we’ll have to get used to. There are many publicists or printers who have understood how they should appropriate this technology to develop their business and offer new value-added solutions to their customers.

The latest in acquiring this technology has been the Italian fashion company Emporio Armani creating a poster that perfectly illustrates what large format 3D printing can contribute to traditional 2D printing, no matter how big it is. In the image, a model climbs some stairs and on her foot, the last shoe, replica of the brand, was printed in 3D.

The highlighting of this shoe, associated with the overall visual appearance, works perfectly. The project was entrusted and carried out by Italian printer Colorzenith, equipped with a Massivit 1800, and whose latest achievement in the field of 3D, was to reproduce, in an identical way, a Lancia B24, for a show, at La Scala in Milan .

SOURCE: pressgraph.es