Innovation and new technologies evolve the Uchida paper counters

The digital finishing equipment machinery sector is increasingly specializing in products for very specific jobs that end up being essential for saving the costs of companies. An example of this are paper counting machines and finished products that have become very necessary equipment for the development of jobs with a shorter time.
Following this need of the market, the Japanese firm Uchida, has applied the advanced technology of the Japanese country to bring to market its Countron counter range, with “evolved models that have become the most accurate in the sector worldwide”. Apart from its reliability, its success is due to the ease of handling that characterizes the brand, and the wide range of possibilities to offer a team adapted to each job. Siesa, with its philosophy of distributing the best solutions in machines of the moment, has the main counters of Uchida counters.

The Countron AT model is equipped with double blade, which makes it the only one that guarantees the counting of thick piles without damaging the corners of the sheets.This equipment is one of those chosen by printers to count finished products such as greeting cards, postcards … up to 400 grams of paper. It also allows to insert separation tapes between peaks of 2 to 1,000 sheets to separate jobs, with a speed of 1,500 sheets per minute. 

The Countron Touch is an evolution of the 2200-HS model, which was a sales success in the Japanese market. This new version is more compact, silent and easy to use through its touch screen, which makes operations and configurations intuitive. Between his characteristics stand out the high precision, his speed until 2.500 leaves by minute, the function of insertion of tapes of separation and the verification of the number of sheets counted according to a pre-established number. It allows to add a thermal printer to print the record of the count and guarantee the results. 

As a desktop option, we find the Countron T-350, ideal for offices, schools or printers. It is simple and compact while still having the same precision and functions as the rest of the Countron range. Optionally, you can add a table, to choose between different sizes, to store the stacks of paper. The counting speed is up to 1,500 sheets per minute. 

Another of its star models is the Countron OP, as it has become one of the “most accurate and easy-to-use” optical sensor counting machines in the world. It is the only one in the range that allows to count all kinds of finished products such as certificates, coated paper, cardboard boxes, envelopes, playing cards, plastic cards, inserts, PCBs, vouchers, labels … Through its touch screen, its configuration is totally intuitive, and you can add devices such as an air compressor, a clamp to hold the products or a thermal printer to save and print the counts. 

Within the Countron range, more specialized equipment is also manufactured for banks or other types of companies such as the Countron Twin and the Counter Eye II. 

“After the boom and need that have created this type of machines in the market, Industrial Supplies and Packing S.L. (Siesa), distributes a large part of these models in Spain, guaranteeing its good functioning and quality “, explains the company.