Oil painting as a technique for wine label design

Getbrand reinvents a new design for the Spanish wine brand Solano by turning the label of the bottles into a canvas, and the corporate identity into a modern art gallery.

Solano’s pretension to become an exclusive and different brand of wines has been crystallized through its new packaging. Getbrand, a Russian agency, has created a new design that demonstrates the young, modern and elegant spirit for which the Spanish brand is committed.

The packaging moves away from the stagnant vineyard designs and classic typography and bets on the creativity of oil painting. The bottle thus becomes an art object with colorful, broad and energetic strokes that vary its hue according to the nature of the wine in question: denser textures and dark tones for reds, and lighter and brighter for rosés.

This is the artistic spirit, youthful and carefree that have managed to reflect in the new bottles of Solano. It is a product for non-conformists who find in a good glass of wine the alternative to classic cocktails.

SOURCE: www.graffica.info