The sixth annual KODAK SONORA Plate Green Leaf Award recognizes 13 printers for their excellence in sustainable printing

Kodak, the world leader in the development of sustainable printing solutions for the environment, today announced the winners of the KODAK SONORA Plate Green Leaf 2018 Prize, which are 13 printers from around the world. The edition, which is in its sixth year, awards prizes to collaborators of the printing sector who are leaders in the adoption of sustainable practices and in the offer to their customers of solutions that respect the environment for their printing needs.

The winners of 2018 are: Artes Gráficas Sagitario (Bolivia); Presse-Druck- und Verlags-GmbH (Germany); Blackmore Group (United Kingdom); Color King (South Africa); PT. Gelora Aksara Pratama (Indonesia); Hebei Xindong Printing Co. (China); Leanin Tree (USA); Mitchell Press (Canada); The Profeather Printing Co., Ltd. (DongGuan) (China); SRB Printing (South Korea); Stuff New Zealand (New Zealand); Toyokuni Printing Co. (Japan); Wijeya Newspapers (Sri Lanka).

In addition to incorporating KODAK SONORA’s unprocessed plates into its operations, all the winning companies demonstrated an ongoing commitment to investing in sustainable business practices. The candidates for the award were evaluated following a set of criteria, such as management practices to improve energy and water efficiency, participation in sustainable initiatives of the local community and the use of materials and consumables that respect the environment. A committee of Kodak judges reviews and rates all applications.

“At Kodak we believe that sustainable printing is the fundamental basis for driving business success and all the winners of this year’s SONORA Green Leaf Award are exemplary examples of how to bring this theory into action,” says John O’Grady, president of Kodak printing systems division. “The concrete results that all of them obtain from the incorporation of respectful actions in their own business are very evident, ranging from the reduction of operating costs to measurable increases in key performance indicators that benefit the clients”.

One of the most important ways in which Kodak contributes to a more sustainable world is to equip its customers to achieve their sustainability goals. That’s why Kodak’s product engineering prioritizes environmental sustainability. The KODAK SONORA unprocessed plates are the centerpiece of Kodak’s sustainable product offering, with more than 4000 customers already using this technology worldwide and with an increasing pace in the adoption of the latest SONORA X release, that will make it easier for 80% of printers to switch to plates without processing.

In addition to SONORA plates, Kodak’s CTP (computer-to-plate) solutions reduce energy consumption by up to 95% compared to other platforms. KODAK PROSPER printing systems and ULTRASTREAM inkjet technology feature print head components designed for reconditioning and reuse, while the KODAK NEXPRESS printing system and KODAK NEXFINITY platforms include environmentally responsible features, like HD dry inks that virtually do not generate emissions and their electric power requirements are much lower than those of alternative platforms.