Durst Water technology advances in the field of graphic arts

Durst’s Water Technology has continued to gain positions in the graphics sector over the past few months. Currently, Durst already has facilities, both multi-pass and single-pass equipment, in several countries, such as Germany, Austria, the United States or France, to name a few.

In fact, just a few months ago, the French company Mulliez-Richebé (located in the canton of Lannoy) decided to install the first Delta WT 250 HS in France. Currently, the machine works with total autonomy and prints up to 340 m2 / h on cardboard, reaching a quality similar to offset. In addition, it is equipped with the Fuctional Aqueous Inks patented by Durst, which allows its use in the production of applications for secondary food packaging.

Mulliez-Richebé, which processes more than three thousand tons of cardboard each year, has opted for Durst’s greener solution as part of its bilinear strategy to strengthen its position in the quality segment and become part of the dynamics of companies “green”.

The Delta WT 250 HS stands as a differentiating proposal, especially aimed at producers and converters of cardboard, which also stands out for its colorimetry, high gloss and ink savings.

The emergence of the Delta WT 250 HS in the French market has been noted and many competitors of Mulliez-Richebé have already shown their interest in studying the possibility of incorporating this type of systems. In fact, from Durst France we are confirmed that a second unit is already closed and its final location will be announced soon.

It must be said that Mulliez-Richebé is a family company located for more than 100 years around Lille and currently directed by Bruno Mulliez and François Leplat. Their workshops are located in facilities of more than 15,000 m2 and more than 3,000 tons of processed cardboard come out of them every year. With Durst’s WT technology, Mulliez-Richebé reinforces its position in the quality of large format digital printing and is part of the dynamics of “green” companies.

Durst is a leading manufacturer of advanced production and printing technologies. In active business areas, Durst is the first choice and the preferred partner for the transformation and digitalization of industrial production processes. Durst is a family business with 80 years of history, whose values ​​are oriented to innovation, customer service, sustainability and quality.

SOURCE: pressgraph.es