Trends in graphic design for 2019

This year the traditional design has merged with new technologies and young and emerging talents, giving rise to results never achieved before. There are many professionals who after analyzing the sector throughout the year, dare to launch their predictions about the digital trends that await us next year.

We pick up the new trends for 2019 in graphic design:

1. Break gender stereotypes

We can say that this year has been a crucial moment for a tough battle that had never disappeared: the representation of women in design. 2018 has given endless opportunities and projects to make visible the role of women using the creative universe. Loaded with solidarity and feminine resistance, these projects enthuse designers to give voice to silenced, hidden or forgotten problems.

2. Explosion of colors and gradients

Advances in screen technology have made 2018 the year of the gradient. There are endless web pages that combine their brightest graduated logos with dark schemes, giving their visual identity an elegant and almost technological touch. It should be noted that gradients are now recognized as colors in their own right and are seen in an increasing number of logo designs.

3. Struggling for simplicity and elegant simplicity

It is nothing new that the trend towards simplicity in design has been in effect for many years. In fact, it does not show signs of deceleration or disappearance. It seems that simple, clean and minimalist designs help understanding, so it is understood why companies want to reflect this trend in their identity.

4. Super logo functionality

Several companies of recognized brands have adopted the new model of the logo ‘tiny sans serif’ surrounded by a flat color. For this reason, we now see practically the same typography in the redesigns of the logos of the big service companies: Airbnb, Spotify, Uber …
Now we live in a new environment of classic logo design, where less is more and where anything that does not express the essence of the brand is discarded. In addition, the simplicity of the logos itself is compensated in other aspects. This means that identity can evolve, while the logo remains constant over time. ”

5. More disruptive and personalized typography

The most common way in which designers have been adding an extra personality to typography – and, as a consequence, to the brand – has been through personalized fonts. So nobody can copy them.

Therefore, we can say that we are experiencing a marked trend towards more sophisticated typographies – unique – in graphic design. Only these recent examples confirm this hypothesis: Harry Potter and Fantastic Animals, Netflix Sans, the 2018 Winter Olympics, new special typography of Barça or National Geographic.