Miguel Barrero the new president of the FGEE

Miguel Barrero has been appointed to chair the FGEE (Federation of Publishers’ Guilds of Spain) and has set as its main objective the enhancement of the book, reading and the role of the editor in cultural life and in the society of Knowledge and from Internet.

The new president begins his mandate with several objectives aimed at ensuring that the Spanish publishing sector remains as the main Spanish cultural industry and one of the most important in the world. Miguel Barrero is the general director of R + D + i of the Santillana Group and director of Education of the Santillana Foundation. Since January 2018 he was president of the Association of Publishers of Madrid, was also Treasurer of the FGEE. Throughout his professional career he has represented his publishing house as vice president of the National Association of Book Publishers and Teaching Materials (ANELE) and the Board of Directors of CEDRO, among other sector organizations.

The FGEE is an association created in 1978 to represent and defend the general interests of the publishing sector. He currently represents the Guilds of Madrid, Catalonia, Euskadi, Andalucía, Galicia, Valencia and Castilla y León, as well as the National Association of Book Publishers and Teaching Materials (ANELE) and the Associació d’Editors en Llengua Catalana (AELLEC) .

In Spain, the publishing industry annually moves more than 3,000 million euros, and employs, directly and indirectly, more than 30,000 people. The 840 publishing companies grouped in the FGEE represent about 97 percent of the turnover of the sector and, throughout 2017, they published more than 240 million copies of 87,262 titles, with an average circulation per title of 2,753 copies.

SOURCE: www.pressgraph.es