Optician Sans, the peculiar free source based on optometric tables

If you have ever wanted to design a project that has an ideal and impeccable visual aspect that allows reading the message of the brand without any difficulty, Optician Sans will make it possible. Created by ANTI Hamar and the typographer Fábio Duarte Martins for Optiker-K in Norway, Optician Sans is based on the historical optometric tables and optotypes used by eye doctors from around the world, which makes it, possibly, the most free typeface. effective for accurate readability.

The LogMAR ophthalometric chart has been used by ophthalmologists, optometrists and vision specialists to measure visual acuity. Optician Sans is based on the same visual principles as the LogMAR graphic, perfectly and precisely adjusted to be used as a fully functional visualization typeface. In addition to the basic Latin characters, a set of alternative glyphs has also been created to achieve a more consistent appearance.

The typography, based on the optotypes developed by Louise Sloan in 1959, is a selection of letters that aim to achieve the same readability as the original typography from which they started. “The key objective for this new visual design was to make Optician Sans ensure that all my patients could read all my advertising pieces without problems,” says Øyvind Krogh of the Norwegian Optiker-K clinic.

You can download Optician Sans for free here.

SOURCE: https://graffica.info