Ricoh: “The digital printing industry has already changed”

The global market of digital production of printing and packaging is in full development and its commercial projection is optimal.

In this regard, Álvaro Espinoza Ayres, regional manager of Graphic Communications of Ricoh Latin America, said: “The digital printing industry is not changing, it has already done it and it has evolved.”

Peru is a country – he added – still relatively immature on the subject and, in part, reluctant to evolve towards digital technology. “Without a doubt, the issue is not whether or not I should use digital technology, but the message is when and with what to do it,” he said.

“The best time is now, but you always have to assess the situation of each business and country,” said the executive, noting that, within the graphic arts, the packaging production market has grown the most in a sustained manner, like the label item.

“Ricoh has solutions that respond to the needs of these two segments,” said the interviewee.

Labels and packaging
According to Álvaro Espinoza, in the field of packaging, Ricoh considers printing substrates of up to 400 grams and in the future has considered launching to the market equipment that uses substrates of more grammage, ideal for smaller packaging.

“Our commercial focus is directed to the production segment (laser and injection printing), since this is the market strategy for labels and packaging that are growing,” he emphasized.

On the other hand, Espinoza said that, at the regional level, the Peruvian market stands out for presenting a stable, solid economy with growth projections. “We bet on the national industry and, in this way, our commercial strategy will be very ambitious,” he added.

Finally, it revealed that in 2017 the Graphic Communications area of ​​Ricoh Latin America exceeded the expectations of its sales plan, and that for the current year they expect to exceed its projection of 10% growth in sales.

New TechPortal room
Espinoza Ayres told Peru Graphic News after participating in the inauguration of the TechPortal CIP room (abbreviations in English for Commercial and Industrial Printing), a space designed by Ricoh del Peru to facilitate the interaction of customers with digital printing equipment. proof of concept, have greater clarity than they require, check the exceptional quality of printing and visualize the designs in a wide range of substrates, both in black and white printing and in color so that they can choose the right model for the size of your business or companies.

“With this new space, customers will be able to test the digital presses designed according to the needs of each industry, from commercial printers to internal printing centers and corporate marketing departments wishing to obtain more creative, personalized and high-quality printing solutions. graphic, “said Espinoza.

The uses of this new demonstration room (unique in Peru) include publishing, the creation of books, magazines and school texts; specialized prints with color sample works, packaging of small formats, on demand and wide format signage; among others.