“The education, retail and graphic sectors are reinvented by creating two new branches, two new families of printers that are the HP DesignJet Z6 and the Z9 +,” says Felix Labori, manager of the World Product of HP DesignJet long-format printers.

The HP DesignJet Z6 has six colors and is aimed at the education and retail sector. In contrast, the Z9 + contains nine colors and is aimed at professional photography, designers and printing services.

Transmit emotions

With this new series of impressions, we seek to achieve a surprising production with unique experiences. That is, transmit emotions to the user, demonstrating that the physical still has validity over the digital.

“With the impressions we transmit emotions, especially in the professional photography part. For the education sector, it is focused on sharing information. When you see it there is a lot of potential and a market, “says Labori.

He also points out that there is a percentage of consumers who prefer the digital part as advertising with screens, “but impressions cause more impact because they offer more emotion”.

This goes hand in hand with the type of consumer according to each country. “I focus more on global segmentation, we talk about the Middle East, America, Africa and Asia,” the executive told Peru Graph News.

He argues that consumers are very similar by region, but then each country decides which markets they will follow, according to the needs of their users or to which the product is directed.

Trends and demands

For this point, the HP specialist ensures that various information is analyzed. According to a study carried out, it is known that advertising on physical media causes 70% more impact than those of the retail market.

He also adds that the new series of HP DesignJet Z6 and Z9 + printers is designed to maximize performance and achieve incredible production. Through the compact integration of materials, hardware and software.

Some features offered by new printers are Dual Drop technology that produces prints with sharp details and high contrast color. With the Digital Color, true-to-color prints are achieved and a wide color range is obtained.

To this is added the Tool to create that simplifies the printing of large format. The durability with which prints are created that can withstand the ravages of time with HP Vivid Photo inks and, finally, with high safety and manageability.

To achieve these characteristics, it has taken a development time of five years, and the technology to process the color took about eleven years, with more than 100 patents in the market and that now, for the first time, have been included in these printers

“All our equipment is fully aligned with the requirements to counteract the damage to the environment. And, if we talk about productivity, the user saves time, costs and processes, in addition to adding a vertical cutter for a final result since printing, “says Felix Labori.