Seven tips for designing posters

Lately we tend to search everything for a web page, Twitter or Facebook in terms of popular parties. However, just as when printing other products, the posters are great communication supports when they are well made, but we have all seen examples that leave much to be desired.
Below, we explain some rules that you have to have in Cienta. The goal is to print posters that everyone can see and retain in their memory.

How do I make a good design?
Different studies have shown that the time that a person can stay looking at a graphic support is quite limited. It is the time it takes to captivate, attract attention and make an individual, after seeing a poster or poster, go to perform a certain action.

Having these data, we must take into account certain aspects that poster has the impact it deserves.
1.- Make it easy to read at a distance
The priority of a poster is that the main information can be read at a distance and be ranked in a certain order.
2.- Contrast
The secret of a good poster is that there is contrast between the different elements that make it up. All this can be achieved through a palette of colors in which more neutral colors are combined with other more intrepid or vivid.
3.- Consider the size and location
Knowing where you are going to locate can help us make decisions about how to design it.
4.- Consider the mini versions
A poster usually has several versions. A main version that is printed in large dimensions to place it in a visible place and then smaller versions, usually in A4 or A3 to hang in shops, walls, etc. Therefore, we must take into account these mini versions that, in the end, are the ones that will be most visible to the public.
5.- Choose a large visual element
In any poster there is an element that stands out above the rest and, like the text, has to be legible and visible from a distance.
6.- Use the blank space
When it comes to posters, it is important that the elements that make it breathe each other, that is, between one and the other there is enough white to visually not see a spot.
7.- Enter a call-to-action
Create a slogan or incorporate a phrase that invites people to participate in the announcement.

With these tips you can start designing your poster.