Sublimation: the fashion business

Does it have a capital of 15 thousand dollars? If your answer is affirmative, then you can purchase a sublimation plotter, a thermal plate and two sewing machines. In this way, it will enter the textile digital sublimation market.

“With sublimation it is possible to customize the clothes because you can transfer any design made in a computer to a fabric. That is why sublimation is the fashion business, “said Juan Carlos Ojeda, general manager of Printac.

The digital textile sublimation allows attractive designs and colors to be fixed on fabrics (mainly synthetic, such as polyester) that are finally marketed through uniforms and sportswear or fashion.

“By means of this technique a more precise finishing is obtained and the process – compared to the serigraphy, for example – is shorter and practical. In this way, a set of shirts of a football team can be finished in a single day, “he said.

Textile: attractive sector
Printac is the national distributor of the SureColor line of Epson as the F6200, a digital printer of sublimation of roll to roll, highly reliable, developed specifically for the production of garments, sportswear, fashion, banderoles, etc.

In the last three years Printac has sold around 400 teams of this model nationwide.

“The graphic entrepreneur does not stop looking at the textile industry because in this segment also images that are transferred to the fabrics are used,” Ojeda warned.

He also estimated that, with the arrival of the FIFA 2018 World Cup in Russia, the textile sublimation sector will have good growth potential.

It should be noted that the company offers free training courses aimed at its new customers, so that they know the products they have just acquired.