Printing trends that will impact in 2019

The printing needs of organizations have changed dramatically in recent years. Nowadays, we seek to improve quality and efficiency in order to reduce costs.

Due to these constant changes, digital printing has grown, offering advantages in the handling of variable data for corporate business and education, as well as technological improvements. Thanks to this we can say that digital printing is not a new phenomenon, but it is becoming an increasingly important trend.

Macarena Rodríguez, Regional Marketing Manager Commercial & Industrial Printing Business Group at Ricoh Latin America, says: “For graphic arts professionals, digital printing has become a new way to capture the attention of their audience, due to the change towards differentiation and added value “.

With this panorama, Ricoh Latin America announces the five main trends for 2019:

Metallic effects
The use of a fifth color creates brilliant results, which are very popular during festive seasons. Using gold or silver colored papers produces a more subtle effect on the finishes and the metallic colors are perfect to give a vibrant effect.

Neon / fluorescent colors
This 2019 will be characterized by the phrase “the brighter the better”. To achieve a bright and bold effect, it is recommended to mix fluorescent and neon colors that allow a bright and bold finish.

White color
This color will allow you to use any type of typography, using white color offers more possibilities in dark texts. White also acts as a layer that helps colors stand out or stand out against a background of color.

Support of increasingly thick grammages
The substrate is the base that serves as support for the printing work, therefore, printing on thicker papers, gives an added value to customers who want to perform different and special jobs.

Broader formats
The size of the printing formats have been greatly expanded to cover a more complete range and meet the needs of print service providers.