Trends in graphic design

As in almost all areas there are fashions or trends that are changing over time or new seasons; because trends in graphic design are also adapted and evolved to give us new ideas in our creations.

In graphic design trends may be more directed to the way consumer and consumer tastes, but they are also very related to technology because through it we can have many more creative possibilities and give free rein to the imagination.

Are you going to fashion with your designs?

These are some of the trends that you must take into account if you like graphic design and have some project in mind:

Minimalist designs: in any format, minimalism is taking a fundamental role when transmitting a clear concept to the target in question; a design that does not need “ornaments”, but a lot of accuracy and neatness in the design process.

Cinemagraphs: are images in which there is a small movement, usually edited with a gif to give the viewer the illusion that he is watching an animation. It manages to capture the attention of the public.
Vintage: as happens with minimalism, vintage is fashionable and this translates into designs with a modern vintage touch that manages to connect with the target audience in an exceptional way.

Logos: if there is something essential in a design, it is the logo or brand and it is no longer just a matter of putting it in a suitable area of ​​vision or highlighting it in the best way … now we must not do responsive logos
Handmade illustrations: the old-fashioned illustrations are becoming very fashionable; hand made with pencil or charcoal, a trend that undoubtedly makes a design an original and creative piece.

The trends in graphic design are simple, but they can provide us with many ideas to make our work attractive, creative and modern.

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