Inks suitable for printing labels

In our day to day the presence of the labels on all the products that surround us is more than evident. The labels are adapted to the needs of each product in terms of design and material and offer increasingly complete and specific information. Nowadays, by means of impressions with special inks the labels allow even to know the state of freshness of the food, for example.
Label printing
In any product that is going to be labeled, the objective is for the consumer to choose our product before that of the competition. The creative impression of special effects on labels is an effective means of marketing to attract the customer’s attention to a specific product through a greater visual impact, encouraging the choice of them.
Nowadays, the protection of products and brands against counterfeiting is also fundamental, through the use of special inks and security. Products such as perfumes, liquors, wines, clothing, food, etc. they are subject to a large number of counterfeits.
The technologies for printing labels currently used are:
• Offset printing (conventional and UV curing)
• UV curing flexography
• Gravure-digital printing
• Screen printing.
• Inkjet printing for marking and coding
Regarding the materials to be printed, plastic films (BOPP, PE, PET, PVC) as well as different types of metallic papers and film stand out.
The labels are used in very different markets and applications: industrial products (soaps, chemicals, tires, parts, electronics), food, beverages, perfumery and cosmetics, pharmaceutical industry, etc.