Union Papelera incorporates new roles of Gmund

Hearing about the German paper manufacturer Gmund is synonymous with originality, creativity and good taste. But above all, it is known that it is a factory that allocates large investments for its creative laboratory in order to develop new products according to what today’s society demands: to be surprised and to create experiences in the consumer. In the middle of the era of digitalization, paper has to renew itself and impact to transmit, through its touch, a series of sensations and, why not, emotions.

And this is well known Union Trash. After signing exclusively two years ago, for the distribution in Spain of the Gmund Colors range of products, the Spanish company expands its range of products with the addition of the Gmund Cotton line, a proudly natural paper. “We know that introducing this new line of natural paper into our offer is a safe bet, since we have numerous clients who demand this type of paper. And we know that when they meet you, they will be surprised as much as it happened to us when we had the opportunity to see and touch them. We want to continue in our line and offer something really interesting to our customers that allows them to innovate, “says Antonio Salas, purchasing and strategic marketing director of Unión Papelera.

The Gmund Cotton is made of 100% cotton, which characterizes its versatility, robustness and softness throughout the collection. These qualities allow it to be designed to perform any application. In addition, it offers a palette with natural color tones, among which the Linen Cream, as fine and delicate as a cotton ball, the New Gray that tends towards a grayish tone, but without sacrificing its warm character, the Power Blue in the one that seems that the aerated cotton has submerged in the deep blue of the sea, and the Gentlemen Blue that resembles the same tone of the elegant shirts to dress.

To all these characteristics adds his wide variety of gramajes that go from the 110g / m2 until reaching the 900g / m2. A full range of thickness, backed by a good capacity for offset printing, serigraphy and typography. It also provides a greater depth of engraving for embossing and hot stamping, which makes it an ideal paper to meet the needs in the textile, fashion, cosmetics, perfumery, jewelry, food, beverage, leisure and hospitality sectors, as well as for illustrate jobs for weddings and events; and make a wide range of applications, such as brochures, covers, catalogs, cards, invitations, packaging, edition etc.

To know the many possibilities offered by the Gmund Cotton, its manufacturer has designed a clearly structured catalog to show the various possibilities and applications offered by this paper. For its part, Union Papelera is about to launch its “Creative Collection 2018” swatch, which includes samples of the most creative roles, among which is the Gmund range, in a simple and clear way, to the market. Customers can select the material, grammage and color that suits them best.